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A New Cover for Maria.

Amazing author Maria Miller always comes back for a new cover, here is the latest one which we were both really pleased with.

The Cover process shown with my new cover.

I thought it would be nice to show the development of one of my cartoon covers from the start to finish, maybe make a little video about it. What do you think, bored already huh?

Well, here is the start, the sketch scanned in and ready to colour. Stay tuned for the next stage.

White Space Van Man to get a new look with Jake at the helm.

was so pleased to work with Jake on the cover for my latest book, the sequel to White Space Van Man, called Stark Trek. He done such a good job on the illustration, I remixed it a fraction and voila, what an amazing cover. I am hoping that he can find the time to redo the cover to the original and complete the trilogy with the final part too. So, if you would like Jake and myself to work with you on your next cover please get in touch before I overload him with my own jobs!!

Hey, I've been slacking off with the cover designs for a while, concentrating on this project, "I am not Frazzle!" is an excellent new anthology,  getting 10 authors together to raise some money for a children's charity. This book cover was done by Des Langford.


Please check out the new website for this project and buy the book there!


New book cover! Maria Carbon's "25 Tips to Create a Happy and Close Knit Family," went on sale yesterday on Amazon. I thought i would show you how we adapted a drawing from her child to create the cover, I think it looks great and gives it that personal touch.


This is a great example of how working with Kingfisher Book Design will assist you in creating that perfectly unique and personal cover which you'd would not get simply buying a pre-made cover from a website.


Please check the book out!


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