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About Me

About Me……


Hello, my name is Darren Worrow. I guess this all started with my love for comics as a kid. With my pocket money I raced down the shop to buy a Beano comic and a bag of sweets. I would then sit on my bed, eat my sweets and read my comic. When I had read it I would draw the characters.


I was never happy with just copying though, I would create my own characters and storylines and before long I had my first cartoon story published in my school magazine, I even designed the covers for the magazine too! My caricatures became a hit with the teachers and kids alike and I hand made my own comics out of pinched text books and handed them around the school. By College I was editor of the college rag, allowing me to fill it with my cartoons.


I studied graphic design at art school and held dreams of being a cartoonist. I began drawing a strip in a local music paper and a new age zine. This led to a regular strip cartoon in Chalice Magazine and I began to contribute cartoons to many zines and underground publications.


By 1995 I started up my own anthology based underground comic which ran for over 10 years and also produced a whole-story spin off series. I began writing scripts for other artists to render and this led to my love of writing books. Selling in head and comic shops all over the UK and beyond I finally closed the shop in favour of settling down to a family life.


Once the self-publishing bug hits you though it is hard to stop and as time went on I discovered I could self-publish ebooks with far greater ease and set to work on my second incarnation as an author. With a few design jobs commissioned I kept my hand in on the artistic side and this allowed me no problems when it came to designing my own covers.


Meeting many other authors online I began to realise that could help them visualise and produce the book cover they dreamed of for a lot less than other websites were producing them for and thus Kingfisher Designs was born.

Jake Woods.....


First things first,

If you haven't already guessed my names Jake, comic's artist an Illustrator. I fell in love with art and illustration at an early age and haven't been able to put my pencils down since. I am foremost a Manga & Anime artist but love all styles of illustration and will endeavour to design the perfect cover art for you.








Jake creates some amazing manga comic book images and would ideal for fantasy genre books, see an example of his artwork here and others in the Gallery.