Kingfisher Book Design.

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Let us design the book cover you dreamed of.... for as little as $20!

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I see so many websites flogging authors overpriced pre-made ebook covers. $60 or more for a five minute Photoshop image that is both uninspiring and looks plastic and manufactured; is that really the sort of identity you want to reflect your hard work? You know that your writing is individual and unique and therefore you require a unique and individual design but for that you need a designer; it’s going to cost a fortune. I am a self-published author so I know the sort of budget available to you. I can design your cover for you for as little as $20 and I do not deal with pre-made; each design is personal to the client after an informal online consultation, tell me what your book is about, its genre and what you envisioned your book cover to be like. I look forward to the chance of hearing from you, remember your cover is the first impression that the browser sees and you know what they say about first impressions.